Test with Confidence

Maintain and improve the quality of your code base with automated Unit and UI testing

Support for Unit and UI Tests

Buddybuild supports the most popular Unit and UI test frameworks used by iOS development teams. Including Xcode Unit and UI tests, FBSnapshotTestcase, KIF, EarlGrey, and Jest.
Buddybuild consistently and reliably runs the tests you’ve written for your mobile apps. Should a test fail, you are provided with a video replay of your test run and detailed test results to quickly understand the cause of the failure.

On-device testing

Ensure your app runs seamlessly on the exact devices your user base owns. Buddybuild supports numerous mobile devices across different OS versions and vendors. Simply select which physical devices to run your Unit and UI tests against, and buddybuild automates the rest!

Gain confidence in app quality with Code Coverage

Code Coverage gives you insight into how much of your code base is exercised by your tests. Enabling Code Coverage is as simple as flipping a switch!

Stay one step ahead with Xcode Preview

Within 48 hours of each new Xcode release, buddybuild takes the most recent successful build of your app and runs it against the latest version of Xcode — including all of the betas. Buddybuild then sends you an email with the results to notify you of any potential breaking changes.