Kashoo trusts buddybuild over their in-house server & Jenkins setup to automate all build, test and deployment processes of their mobile apps
Before buddybuild we used Jenkins CI on a local Mac mini-based server for such automation, but buddybuild knocks what we had over in all areas — ease of setup, configuration, and reliability.
Geoff Spears, Senior Software engineer at Kashoo
The Problem

At the start, their development team set out to fulfill a common workflow. "To build a new feature, we planned to push code of a feature branch, and run tests on every commit," says Geoff Spears, Senior Software engineer at Kashoo." At some point, we'd share the feature with the rest of the engineering team, and send it our internal QA team for testing. Once the feature was ready, we'd commit to master and ship it to our customers."

In an attempt to meet their requirements, they built an in-house solution, using a combination of Jenkins, a Mac mini, and Testflight.

"After months of iterations and countless engineering hours, we'd made a series of small incremental improvements that ultimately culminated in wanting to destroy the Mac mini," says Amrik Randhawa, Project Manager at Kashoo. In short, their development pipeline was not easy to use, and even harder to maintain.

The Solution

Realizing they were one build break away from an engineer smashing the Mac mini, Randhawa and the development team started looking for alternate solutions. Having built, and fought with, an in-house system, they had a clear list of requirements when shopping for a new CI / CD.

They needed a solution that would allow them to:

"Buddybuild does everything we need, and more," says Randhawa. "For us, it's a one-stop shop that fills the missing piece in our development pipeline." For Ben Kennedy, an iOS developer at Kashoo now free from managing the Mac mini, "the common development workflows that ought to straightforward, now actually are."

Kashoo's favorite buddybuild features
Continuous Integration A completely fresh build and deploy on every git push
Unit & UI Testing Tests can be run on every commit and pull request
Scheduled Deployments Choose when testers get your app - on every build, nightly, or on demand
Why buddybuild?

Kashoo uses buddybuild to automate their build process, deploy nightly builds to their internal QA team or external clients, and then gather feedback on their apps throughout development.

"Like so many build pipelines, ours is a collection of repeating and relentlessly finicky tasks which always require attention at the most inopportune of times," says Kennedy. "And buddybuild acts as a friendly concierge for these routines. It's completely streamlined our testing, nightly builds and release prep."

Buddybuild serves as a time saver for the entire Kashoo team.

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