Conquer Mobile gained the time of a full engineer
back with buddybuild
Buddybuild has completely replaced our need for a build engineer. We don't need to worry about managing daily builds or our build architechture at all.
David Foster, COO of Conquer Mobile
The Problem

"We've always been a smaller company," says David Foster, COO at Conquer Mobile. "But we always have multiple concurrent projects on the go that are shared amongst many members of the team."

Like many companies, build duties and more important tasks tend to gravitate to the most experienced people on the team — for no reason other than they've been there the longest.

For Conquer Mobile, this was no different. The responsibility fell on Bruce Burnham, Conquer's senior engineer, to manage the build architechture, and oversee the daily builds during development.

"Having a single person doing the builds taking inventory of what's in each build, and maintaining the infrastructure while fitting it into their regular day job is naturally taxing," says Foster, "and imagine if that person wanted to go on vacation."

The Solution

"Buddybuild completely automates our build process, and everyone on the team knows exactly what is in the latest builds," says Foster. "Myself, the devs, QA and our clients are all on the same page. All internal tools are integrated with buddybuild so we get real time updates on Slack when a new build is available and track issues with projects within Jira."

For Foster and the Conquer Mobile team, the differentiator between buddybuild and other CI solutions is simple: reliable automation of the build pipeline.

"Code coverage, built-in feedback and crash reporting are an added bonus," says Foster. "Having a completely automated build pipeline that's a SaaS solution is perfect for development agencies like ours. It gives the team total autonomy no matter where we're working from."

"Operationally, not having to worry about our build system is a huge win. The added benefit of buddybuild is how nicely new features fit into our workflow."

Conquer Mobile's favorite buddybuild features
Enterprise Deployment Complete support for Enterprise and internal apps
Automatically add new users New users and their device UDID are auto-provisioned
Stay App-to-Date An in-app prompt makes sure testers are on the right version of your app
Why buddybuild?

Conquer Mobile uses buddybuild to manage all the build tasks for them. "Buddybuild has completely replaced our need for a build engineer," says Foster. "We don't need to worry about managing daily builds or our build architechture at all."

For Foster, the buggest a-ha moment was how easy it was to integrate Conquer's projects onto buddybuild. "It was amazing just how quick it was to integrate our projects with buddybuild. It was basically a non-event. We tried buddybuild with one project and we immedaitely knew we neded to add more. Within a month we had all active projects fully set up on buddybuild and our build process was completely automated."

The virality of buddybuild within Conquer Mobile spoke for itself. Before Foster knew it, every staff member, client and even client's clients were using buddybuild.

Conquer Mobile is a custom mobile development company specializing in 3D measurement, enterprise engagement, smart sensors and VR. The company has been developing custom enterprise apps since 2009 for high profile clients such as Kabuni, Webtech Wireless, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, GenomeDx, NGRAIN, McDonald's Canada and leading software companies.

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